Journal of Indonesian Oral Medicine Society (JIOMS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which is published by the Indonesian Dental Board Association (Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia) through its Indonesian Oral Medicine Association (Ikatan Specialist Penyakit Mulut Indonesia or ISPMI) thrice a year. 

JIOMS are intended to provide Oral Medicine Clinicians in Indonesia with well peer-reviewed articles and latest information in the field. Publications include high scientific quality original clinical papers, diagnostic challenge case reports and updated invited literature reviews, book reviews, letters to the editors in subjects relating to clinical practices and best practices in oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and clinical researches in these areas. JIOMS welcomes authors who want to publish their research articles and contribute to oral medicine scientific development. All submitted manuscripts within the scope of the journal will be assessed by at least two suitably qualified referees.


Journal History

The official publication of ISPMI, then IPOMI (Ikatan Peminat Oral Medicine) has traced back in the 1982. The Ikatan Peminat Oral Medicine Magazine had actually pioneering the publication long before any other clinical scientific publication especially in Clinical Dentistry in Indonesia exist. At that time the organization only had a few members and everyone participated in the publication to donate and had the issues in return for free. In 1990s, alongside the change of name for the oral medicine society the publications reduced to more as an Oral Medicine Conggres Report until it was ceased to publish in early 2000s. 

Some efforts have been made since the last ISPMI Conggres before Covid-19 Pandemic time to publish a form of official scientific report of its members. Although not until the XII ISPMI Conggres in Bali, some members was gathered and successfully collected some case reports in a publication. First published in ISPMI website, JIOMS is now manage by PDGI OJS. JIOMS is in a way once again revive the scientific atmosphere as well as togetherness to the Society. 


Contact us:

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